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Arrigetch Design

Mag Claw

Mag Claw

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Mag Claw: Helping Hands Designed Right. Soldering on Easy Mode.


Get the job done easily. You've got delicate tasks to do like soldering and you need a helping hand. Grab a Mag Claw and get to work.

Unlike cheap imitations, the base is heavy enough to sit at your work bench and not tip over.

The real magic happens when you turn the Mag Switch ON. You need to work in a difficult area -- crawling under a truck, behind an instrument panel, over the side of a scissor lift.

The best tools get out of the way and let you do your thing.

Activate the Mag Switch and 170 LBS of holding power keeps the Mag Claw absolutely anchored so you can focus 100% on getting the job done.

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